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Roof racks, Platforms and Trays

We have a wide range of roof racks, roof platforms and roof trays in various styles, to suit just about any make of vehicle. Tested to carry over 500kg, they are perfect for the tradesman or just weekend getaways. They come in both plastic coating, aluminium or powder coated steel

Roof racks

Tough and durable range of roof racks to suit just about any car, Four wheel drives or Ute/Cab. You can easily check your vehicle and model, at Rhino's 'Fit my Car' page HERE

Single cab roof rack

Want the ultimate in strength and durability? These steel roof racks are great for extra storage at an affordable price. They are made to endure the rough terrain of the Aussie outback.

Roo lite lens covers
Rhino Alloy Trays

The Alloy Tray is a steadfast tradition of Rhino Rack's. These are created from structural aluminium & glass reinforced nylon. The alloy tray is strong, durable & comes in a range of sizes.

Roo lite lens covers
Steel roof racks

Solid steel tradesman roof racks. Powder coated and can carry over 500 kilos and will fit most model vehicles. The ultimate all rounder tray

Roof Racks

We only sell top quality roof racks that are tried and tested in the harsh Australian conditions

Rhino Roof Racks.

Roof racks, Platforms and Trays: Regardless of what make, year or model, we can supply a roof rack to fit just about anything. Rhino Australia has a simple to use web page (Fit My Car) where you simply type in what make, model, year and body type and it comes up with every option to fit.

Try Rhino's 'Fit my Car' page HERE

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Steel Tradesman Roof Racks

Solid, over engineered, in powder coated steel, they are the perfect carrying solution. From carrying solution for your leisurely activities, to the serious tradesman carrying over 500kg, we have a roof rack, platform or work tray to suit your vehicle.
They are designed to fit most makes and models.