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Radar Detectors

Whistler and Beltronics Radar Detectors

Yes, Radar Detectors are still legal in West Australia.

We offer 2 brands. Beltronics and Whistler. Whilst we don't recommend using them so you can intentionally speed, they are useful if you creep over the speed limit by accidents. It's easily done with today's modern cars that don't seem very happy sitting on 110 kph.

A warning about buying detectors that are made overseas. A lot of these may be cheap but many fail to work here.

Fines are rising sharply plus the loss of demerit points for speeding, the purchase of a radar detector could well be a good investment!

Kenwood car audio image

Kenwood and Focal

Two names synonymous with high quality car audio.

Haute couture sound

The amplified driving experience. Is your car a Icon to you? Is the ultimate sound quality for you? If so, the Focal name is synonymous with unique, 'hand-made' equipment.

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Car Navigation

Kenwoods built-in Wi-FiĀ®, 15 - 18cm WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen AV Receiver with Advanced full-feature package complete with built-in Car Navigation System. In store display.

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Focal Performance

Passionate about your vehicle? Do you want to create a sound system that reflects who you are? The innovative and dynamic Performance range, delivers sound to make your spine tingle.

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Car Audio

High quality Car audio and navigation systems from Southern Car Care Bunbury. Visit our display showroom