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Reversing cameras and sensors: Reversing sensors are fitted into the rear bumper of the vehicle. We colour code the sensors to your car so they match perfectly. Kits area available for front and the rear of cars. The rear parking sensors turn on automatically once reverse gear is engaged and start slowly beeping from approx 2 metres and slowly beep quicker until approx 30cm's, where they will beep solidly. Talking reverse sensors are also available which actually say the distance instead of beeping. These kits are great in cars which have a lot of beeping noises in them already.

Car reversing image
Reversing Visibility

There are various options for cameras but it is dependant on the car, as to which camera can best fitted. It is best to bring the vehicle in so we can decide which camera will work best for you. The cameras we use are all water resistant, colour picture with wide angle lenses but without the 'fish eye' look. Infra-red night vision cameras are also available. Chart showing rear vehicle visibility distances. Where does your car rate? Checkout the IAG Reversing Visibility Index chart.
There's a tragic story that appearing far too often on the news across Australia. A child has been killed or injured after being run over by a car reversing out of the family driveway. SOURCE: RAA. Download the Driveway Safety PDF HERE

Truck assist screen image
Truck assist

TRUCK ASSIST REVERSING CAMERAS: Truck kits are available in 12 or 24 volt with the option of running up to 4 cameras at once. The kit includes a heavy duty night vision camera 7" LCD colour monitor, remote control and 20 metre video lead. These kits are great for both trucks and machinery and are supplied and fitted by Southern Car Care Bunbury.

Infra-red night vision image
Infra-red night vision.

Reverse camera kits are available for small cars, large cars, 4 wheel drives, trucks, buses and machinery. Cameras are fantastic for parking and backing onto trailers or caravans. When reversing onto your trailer, you can line the tow ball up first time with no help. All you have to is wind the jockey wheel straight down to your tow ball! Easy! - Kits are available for caravans, so you can physically see who is hiding behind your caravan out on the open road. It also makes it easier to park into your shed or your site at the caravan park your are visiting.

Rear vision mirror image
Mirror mounted screens.

Most cars can be use either a mirror mounted screen which replaces your rear view mirror which has a built in LCD monitor. The monitor only turns on when the vehicle engages reverse gear, or can be turned on manually by the user. The screen has 2 AV inputs, which means it can run 2 cameras so it is suitable for a vehicle towing a caravan. Another option is to use a dash mounted screen. This is normally only fitted when a mirror mounted screen can not be used. The screen needs to be mounted on the dash somewhere and is normally only used as a last resort.

Don't become a statistic

Please don't talk on your phone whilst you drive. It's expensive and dangerous. It is illegal to hold and use your phone at any time while driving or riding.