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Dual Battery & Solar Systems

Dual battery and Car solar systems

There are many ways to build a dual battery system. The first question that needs to be asked, is what are you wanting to run off the auxiliary battery and how long do you want it to run for? This one question will basically answer what type of battery management system you need.

The Redarc Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to offer a complete solution to battery charging and maintenance needs for 4wd, RV and marine applications. The unit is designed to charge today's automotive type batteries to their optimal charge level from either mains power (AC), vehicle power (DC) or solar power. The BMS features two charging modes, Touring mode (3 stage) is for charging batteries whilst on the move and allows you to draw load on your house battery whilst charging. Storage mode (5 stage) is designed to safely charge the house battery to its optimal charge level whilst your caravan, camper or boat is in storage. The system is smart enough to be able to charge a house (auxiliary) battery of a different chemistry type to your vehicle start battery. The BMS comes with a stylish Remote Control which offers information such as Battery Time Remaining and Time to Full Charge allowing you to enjoy your journey without fear of running out of power.

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For most modern vehicles fitting the Redarc Smart Solenoid will not work, as most modern vehicles are fitted with a 'Smart Alternator'. What that means is that the vehicles alternator will only charge what it was made to, this being the standard vehicles battery and electronic systems. In the case you need to fit one of Redarc's BC-DC in car chargers. These are available in 3 different sizes, 20amp , 25amp and 40 amp.

The 25 & 40amp units also have a built in solar regulator which is neccesary if you are looking at adding solar to your battery system. The major benefits of using one of Redarc's BC-DC vehicle chargers are many, the one great advantage of it is being able to install the charger right next to the auxillary battery. This is beneficial in cases where you need to charge a battery that is installed in the rear of the car or even in a caravan or trailer.

Being able to do this means that you don't have an issue with voltage drop so the battery's are properly charged. Depending on what kind of auxillary battery that you have (Standard lead, AGM, Calcium) you can change how the BC-DC charges the battery so it each different type of battery will achieve and maintain an optimal charge.

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Redarc has been designing and manufacturing automotive electronic components for the OEM, recreational and after-market industry sectors for over 30 years. We are the power conversion experts and now, we're applying that expertise to a range of solar systems.

Redarc don't simply offer a range of separate products. It's a complete, flexible system designed to ensure you get the maximum possible power from the sun, and save it for use any time of day or night.

Redarc's power management tools ensure that you always have power available when you need it.
Standard Dual Battery System using a Redarc Smart Solenoid. This is the entry point for a dual battery system. This system uses the existing vehicles alternator to charge the axillary battery once it has monitored and charged the main start battery. The style of dual battery system suits older vehicles that don't have the new 'Smart Alternators'.

They are able to jump start your vehicle if the main start battery goes flat with an optional dash button mounted inside the vehicle. They are also very affordable.

Watch 2 minute video about the Redarc Smart Solenoid system.

Watch 2 minute video about the Redarc Battery management system

The Redarc Solar System
REDARC provide the ultimate in solar solutions with easy to install and use products designed to supplement the existing auxiliary or house battery charging system in your Camper-trailer, Caravan or Motorhome.

Why Solar?
Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy known to man.
Sunlight is a natural renewable source of power, and it is free.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • An abundant power source
  • No ongoing cost
  • Makes no noise
  • No moving parts
  • Low DC voltage output, providing safe application

Dual battery and solar systems, supplied, fitted and tested by Southern Car Care Bunbury

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