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Diesel Performance Chips

Diesel Performance Chips Bunbury. Diesel Chips? Think it doesn't make a lot of difference? Well, watch the end of this short 1 minute video below, with a Toyota 200 series Landcruiser taking off! Diesel Performance Chips for your late model diesel. You can gain more performance and a lot of the time better economy through our custom tuning option.

Diesel performance chip adjustment image
Diesel Performance Chips

How to simply adjust the Diesel Performance Module

Diesel performance chip feed line image
Diesel Performance Chips

This is where the Diesel Performance Modules Plug into the Fuel Rail.

Pedal booster Stats image
Pedal Booster

Pedal Booster is a fantastic product that removes all of the 'lag' built into the throttle by the manufacturers.

Pedal booster image
Pedal Booster

Once installed this will dramatically improve throttle response and all round driveability.

Diesel Performance Chips

To chip.. or not to chip.. That is the question.

Different Kinds of Chips Available:

Fuel Rail: This is where the amount of pressure in the vehicles fuel rail is increased. Effectively putting more diesel into the injector to squirt into the cylinder. Cheaper chips will only do this but our chips also increase the boost by plugging into the MAP ( Manifold Air Pressure) Sensor. By doing this also allows the chip to put more air into the cylinder as well. This will keep the air fuel ratios closer to perfect and will also cool the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). High EGT's is what will kill a diesel engine. People some times worry about increasing the fuel rail pressure as it has been said that it can damage the injectors. At the end of the fuel rail there is a spring with a limiter valve on the other side of it, if the fuel pressure is too high it will blow this valve and dump the excess fuel back into the fuel tank. This mechanical safety system has to fail before it is even remotely possible to damage the engine. But the chips aren't tuned high enough to do any damage anyway

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Injector Controlled Chip:

This style of chip interrupts the wiring going to the injectors and controls how long the injector is held open for. These styles of chips get branded as the safe chip to install but as we have already spoken about, with the fuel rail chip it is pretty hard to damage the engine. A lot of European vehicles and also some newer Japanese vehicles, have piezo injectors which means instead of opening and then closing they will open and close maybe 100 times when shooting fuel in. This means that the engine will combust better with a better controlled fuel spray, but the problem with the injector chips is they are currently unable to control piezo injector vehicles.

This means that vehicles such as the new Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 and the V6 Navara's can't be chipped. The other side I don't like about injector controlled chips is they only have the ability to hold the injectors open for a longer period of time. The injector timing should be set from the factory to be pretty much perfect so you are only adding more fuel at the end of the combustion cycle. Where as the fuel rail chip is adding more fuel during the combustion cycle, not at the end of it.

Pedal boost chip image

What is an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve? The EGR valve controls a passageway between the intake and exhaust manifolds. When the EGR valve opens, exhaust gasses flow from the exhaust manifold through the valve and into the intake manifold, keeping NOx emissions within state limits. Why would you want to block off the EGR Valve? These hot, oxygen-depleted, exhaust gases displace (dilute) the cooler incoming oxygen-rich air and has a quenching effect on combustion and combustion temperatures. This reduces engine performance and raises intake air temperatures dramatically. What other benefits are there when the EGR valve is blocked off?
  • 1) Cooler intake air temps.
  • 2) More performance.
  • 3) Less engine oil contamination.
  • 4) Cleaner engine oil means increased engine life.
  • 5) Cooler exhaust temps.
  • 6) No Soot in intake which keeps vacuum / boost lines clean.
  • 7) Increase turbo response.

Are there any negatives once the EGR has been blocked off? It is against the law to change the way the vehicle's emission control systems function. However, the upside … there is no road side diesel testing unlike petrol vehicles. The emission test occurs at time of original engine certification. But as usual, we leave it up to the customer to decide if they are comfortable with this mod.

Diesel Performance Chips are Supplied and Fitted by Southern Car Care Bunbury.