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Vehicle Dashcams:

Dashcams have been around for some years now and are now gaining popularity as an important accessory and significant investment for a peace of mind. Be it a road rage incident to traffic accidents, Recordings have been taken into consideration by insurance companies and police as they establish clear evidence of what took place. Many dash cams now use cloud technology for the data, so even if the car is stolen, the data is safe. Plus many are capable of watching over your vehicle during the night and will record all motion even while your car is parked.

Roadeye dash cam image
Roadeye Dashcams

Road-eye Dashcams record at Full HD* in different modes. Driving mode & parking mode. They can be set to event recording & motion recording, in order to keep a record of your driving.

Front and rear dashcam image
Roadeye Dashcams

The RE350 Stealth Dash Cam is powered by a hidden box that keeps all data safe even if the cameras were stolen. SD storage capabilities, GPS for tracking, speed and time.

Uniden UHF radio unit image
Blackvue Dashcams

From simple dash cams to the ulimate cloud technology. You get front & rear protection with this Dual Full HD compact dashcam with Sony STARVIS™ image sensor for great low-light performance.

Uniden UHF radio unit image
Blackvue Dashcams

Get front and rear protection with this Dual Full HD compact dashcam. Different models have HD 1080p 60FPS recording with Sony STARVIS™ sensor and Wi-Fi for BlackVue App Compatibility.

Roadeye and Blackvue Dashcams

From simple models, right through to 60 frames per second HD recording, sending data to the cloud, to watching over your vehicle at night, Southern Car Care has a dashcam model to suit you