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Cruise Controls

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Cruise Controls:- An easier way to drive. Just set the cruise control to the speed limit, relax and enjoy. All of the cruise controls we use, are Australian designed and made. They are the professional series. Most vehicles get wired into the factory speed signal so there are no magnets mounted on underside of car (please note this is not always possible, if you advise vehicle make and model we will know if it's possible) so if you are 4 wheel driving, you won't knock the magnets off and also give a much more accurate speed signal. Different models also contain a built in speed alert and have various programmable features, such a clutch coast resume and different speed steps.


Steering wheel mounted- This model cruise control switch mounts on the steering wheel of the vehicle. It is a factory style switch which hard wires through the vehicles wiring, unlike some cheaper versions which are infra-red with batteries which are prone to failing and going flat. This model cruise control has a built in speed alert beeper as well.


Stalk mounted cruise controls- Entry level cruise control on price only, not quality. More suited to older vehicles where the steering wheel switch is not suitable, due to the steering wheel design.


Fly by wire- A lot of modern cars no longer have an accelerator cable they are all run electronically. The design of a proper fly by wire cruise control is much safer and work a lot better than trying to do a 'pedal pull' on the vehicle. A 'pedal pull' system runs a cable inside the vehicle and actually pulls on the pedal which can cause jamming throttles which is undesirable, whereas the fly by wire kit's tie in with the factory ECU and run a full electronic interface. The system does not interfere with the vehicle warranty. These kits are available to suit most makes and models of vehicles including sedans, 4wd's, and now even trucks. Please contact for availability for your vehicle.

Cruise Controls:
There are two main reasons for having and using cruise control. First is that it allows you to maintain your predetermined speed without having to constantly keep your foot on the accelerator which after many hours of driving can really make those ankle, knee and foot muscles start to hurt, or just be plain uncomfortable. Second reason is to avoid unintentional speeding which can result in some pretty hefty fines or even loss of licence. Other reasons to have cruise control, is to increase fuel efficiency, reduce driver fatigue and is in general just a nicer more relaxing drive all round. Cruise control is best to have professionally installed for warranty and safety reasons. You will find a great range of cruise controls at Southern Car Care, so if you need any information then come in and have a chat to us today. Available for cars, 4X4 and now even trucks.

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Car cruise control systems

All of the cruise controls Southern Car Care uses, are Australian designed and made.

Vehicle and Truck Cruise controls

Systems to suit all terrain vehicles, SUV's 4wd's and even trucks.