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Car Security Systems

Increase your car's security. Our vehicle security systems and devices come in all shapes and sizes. We retail and fit quality automotive after market accessories, spare parts, car audio and motor car security systems. Below are some examples of our car security range,including engine immobilisers, car alarms, vehicle tracking systems to suit all budgets.

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Touch Key Immobiliser

This is the entry level car security system. It is simple to operate with the 'push in' style of immobiliser which automatically arms 30 seconds after the car has been switched off. Includes 2 touch key tags and a 5 digit emergency over-ride number. Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Proximity Immobiliser

Deluxe model for vehicles with no central locking or people getting in and out of cars a lot. fully automatic system which arms the immobiliser 30 seconds after switching the vehicle off and dis-arms automatically once the key is switched back on. Includes 2 transponders and a 5 digit emergency over-ride number. 2 year warranty.

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Remote Immobiliser

Deluxe model for vehicles with central locking. Remote control system which can activate central locking in the vehicle. The system automatically arm's once the car is turned off and to disarm the system simply press the remote control which disarms the immobiliser, unlocks the doors (if fitted with central locking) & flashes the indicators.

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Central Locking

This is for vehicles that don't have central locking. This security can be fitted to almost any vehicle. All the doors will lock & unlock when the drivers door is locked with the key. The central locking system can be optioned with keyless entry to make the central locking activate via remote control. The central locking system is available in 2 door kits and 5 door kits.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry- up grades the vehicles central locking from being key activated to being activated via a remote control. Can be fitted with central locking or even fitted to a factory central locking system already fitted in the vehicle. can also open the boot if the vehicle has an electronically operated boot release system. Includes 2 remote controls. 2 year warranty.

Motor Bike Alarm

Security for your motorcycle. Remote controlled system which immobilisers the motorcycle, has a built in movement / tamper system protection. Ultra low current draw so won't flatten smaller motorcycle battery's. Ultra compact design so the unit can be fitted discreetly to any motorcycle. Includes 2 remote controls and a 5 digit emergency override number. 2 year warranty.

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Vehicle Tracking System

This vehicle tracking system can be a stand alone unit simply for vehicle tracking, or can be optioned with an alarm system to alert you if the alarm has been triggered or tampered with. Needs a user supplied SIM card for activation. Some insurance companies require these systems to be fitted to certain vehicles. Comes with a 2 year warranty.

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Remote controls.

after market - We stock most after market remotes, touch key tags, and transponders, and most can be easily programmed to the vehicles. There are some remotes which are no longer available. To program, we do need the vehicle and some systems do require the emergency over-ride number supplied. Please contact before hand to check availability and programming availability.

Car and Vehicle Alarms

New alarm systems or Upgrades

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Car Alarms.

Car Alarm - Same system as remote immobiliser (above) but also includes a battery back-up siren, glass/shock sensor & door sensing. can be optioned with tilt sensors , ultra-sonic movement sensors. Please enquire for what accessories can be fitted to your specific needs and vehicles. Includes 2 remote controls 2 sire keys and 5 digit over-ride number. 2 year warranty. From

Upgrade Alarm. - Turns your basic factory security system into a full alarm system. Includes battery backup siren, glass/shock sensor & door sensing.. Can be optioned with tilt sensors , ultra-sonic movement sensors. Please enquire for what accessories can be fitted to your specific needs and vehicles. 2 year warranty.

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Southern Car Care Bunbury supplies and fits - Car alarm systems, Vehicle security solutions, Car Central locking systems and Car immobilisers, Remote Keypad immobilisers, Transponder immobilisers, Many types of remote immobilisers and alarm systems, Vehicle tracking units, Turbo timers (stops your turbo running out of oil)- Reverse Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras to most makes of vehicles. Southern Car Care can supply and fit a wide range of car security systems and devices for securing your motor car. The "It will never happen to me" attitude happens to an Australian every 8 minutes of the day!!

Just because you may have an older car, don't think it won't get stolen! These are prime targets for those who want to steal a car just to go joy riding. You often see the result of this left on the side of the road with the police notice, "Vehicle has been reported" sticker. Someone's pride and joy, just became a wreck!

It is compulsory to fit a Government approved immobiliser when you apply to register or transfer a vehicle. Since the introduction of the requirement, car theft has significantly declined in Western Australia, so this alone is a good enough reason to have one installed ASAP. It is the buyer's responsibility (not the seller's) to ensure that this is done, otherwise the vehicle registration or transfer will not occur.

This applies to a wide variety of vehicles including cars, buses, 4X4, taxis, trucks and the list goes on. There are a few different immobiliser's available. One of the most popular, is the proximity and remote depending if your car has central locking, other ones that you can purchase, are touch key, which is manually operated and unlocked.