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CAT and Silver Seal Car Protection Systems

Specialist in supply and fitting of high quality car protection systems

We offer many different products that can keep your car looking good as new from the inside out. The CAT systems is an electronic anti corrosion system that will provide 24 hr a day protection for your vehicle, reducing rust formation and extending its life. The CAT system is Internationally and Australian tested. It is both safe and effective.

Since 1989, CAT Australia has been the innovator in high performance Electronic Rust Protection Systems (ERPS) Corrosion Prevention & Rust Proofing Systems. The CAT III Electronic Rust Protection System is the very latest in technology and is specifically designed to suppress rust development in cars, 4WD's, Trucks and Machinery in all conditions and environs.

CAT uses technology that changes the natural electro chemical rusting process. The CAT III System has two main components. One is a high powered pulse generator module, supplying up to twelve high-tech Coupler Pads with an optimal combination of voltage and frequency. Secondly, our proprietary Coupler Pad design, ensures maximum power transfer & rust suppression over a wide area of vehicles surface. Laboratory and real life testing, has proven the CAT technology interrupts the rusting process.
Source: CAT Australia website

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Electronic Rust Protection

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Silver Seal

This advanced polymer coating clings to the vehicle existing finish and forms a glass-like bond which acts as a barrier. This prevents damage from exposure to exhaust particles, chemicals, road salt and Ultra violet radiation.

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Silver seal

Silver seal is a paint protection that acts as a second skin to protect your cars paint work. It provides protection to paint work and it makes dirt and dust easily lift off and helps keep your car looking new.

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Silver seal

Silver seal is a protector which when applied to clean paint work, provides a watertight seal. Once treated, traffic film, dirt and dust are easily removed from your paint work, just by cleaning / washing your car normally

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