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Car LED lighting

Why are LED Lights so Good?

Our LED vs HiD Comparison lighting test.

LED lighting has many great benefits. One of the main ones is a much lower current draw than comparable halogen lights, thus making them great for automotive uses where battery life is very important. Another major benefit is the quality of light, they produce a much whiter and much wider beam of light, more comparable to daylight than any other type of lights. Due to their compact design, they can be much more compact than conventional lighting so that means that they can be mounted much more discretely and with better positioning to once again improve their light output compared to halogen globes.

There are a lot of different uses for LED Lighting. From compact ultra-bright reversing lights, large flood lights for recreational and commercial uses, through to Daytime Running Lights (DRL) as seen on many late model vehicles which hugely improve the chance of your vehicle being seen by other road users. Relatively new to the market are LED light bars and spotlights to be used as replacement spotlights.

These new breed of LED lights do not give the same kind of distance as a high quality set of spotlights, but crucially give a spread of light between 400-500 metres, while giving a huge spread of light to the sides of the road which is very important when driving down country roads where the possibility of hitting wildlife is a very real threat.

Due to the design of LED's, they have a much longer life span than halogen globes or even HiD globes. A good HiD globe has an approximate life span of between 7000-8000 hours, while LED's have a 50,000+ hour life span. Another benefit is that there are no globes that will ever need to be replaced. Also, unlike HiD's there is no "Warm Up Period", the LED's have instant light, meaning it is a lot safer when driving at night when you engage your auxiliary lighting

Have you ever wondered what auxiliary lighting will work best for your vehicle? We ran some tests directly comparing Halogen globed spotlights, Hid Spotlights and LED Bars and Spot lamps..

Car LED LIGHTS supplied, fitted and tested by Southern Car Care Bunbury

LED lights have over a 50,000+ hour life span. Noo globes ever need to be replaced. No 'Warm Up Period' LEDs have instant light, meaning it is a lot safer when driving at night when you engage your auxiliary lighting.

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