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Bluetooth Hands Free phone kits are the legal way of talking on your mobile phone while in your car driving. There is a wide range of kits available from simple clip on your sun visor kits to fully integrated Bluetooth Systems that allow you to play music through your car by either using a dedicated iPod plug , USB or 3.5mm headphone jack or you can stream it by Audio Bluetooth.

Parrot has a free software update service so as mobile phone technology changes, the full range of Parrot Phone Kits can be updated, so they will still work with latest phones and software.

Parrot hands free image
Parrot MKi9100

Available as an accessory to the Bluetooth Phone Systems is the range of CarComm and Smoothtalker phone cradles. Large range available for most phones on the market.

Parrot hands free image
Parrot MKi9200

The cradles give you the ability to charge your mobile phone as well as let you add an external aerial to give you better coverage when in remote areas.

Uniden UHF radio unit image

UHF units are great for almost any vehicle or boat. Keep in touch along the road while caravanning or driving, or to warn someone of any obstacles or accidents ahead. Uniden is the main brand that we use, as they are a reliable unit with all the necessary features plus 3 year warranty.

Uniden UHF radio unit image
COMMUNICATIONS - HF radio units.

You can download our small PDF brochure here: Uniden Full Product Range. - Uniden UH7700NB - Uniden UH7760NB (mini)

Don't become a statistic

Please don't talk on your phone whilst you drive. It's expensive and dangerous. It is illegal to hold and use your phone at any time while driving or riding.